Why should you use Play Guitar Hits?

Video synchronized to the score

Set the video to display left hand, right hand or both. 

4 notations available

Choose between the standard notation, the tablature, slash or fretboard view.

Songs divided into sections

Make progress step by step with songs divided into short parts and learn the structure easily.

Backing Tracks

Use the full-length backing tracks to practice as if you were playing with an actual band, with vocals and accompaniment.

Have fun playing hit songs like Back in Black, Hysteria, Come As You Are, Where Is My Mind, Big Jet Plane and many others.

The Catalogue
✓More than 50 songs are available for acoustic and electric guitars.

✓4 levels available:
Easy, beginner, medium, and hard.
✓Many different genres:
Pop, rock, folk, metal...

 Useful practice tools

  • Adjust the tempo from 50% to 100%

  • Metronome

  • Loop a section

  • Countdown

Contact us

This is only the beginning of the Play Guitar Hits journey,
that's why we would really love to hear your feedback.

Please contact us to share your 

with us or if you experience any issues.

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